Thursday, September 6, 2007

What to Cook?

The recently published work: What's For Dinner - or Feeding a Finicky Family - is an e-book, which for the time being is available FREE OF CHARGE for the first 10 people who answer this note.

What's for dinner?

How many times a week do you call friends or family to in search of or to share a recipe for a perfect meal?

How often is it when you find yourself staring hopelessly in front of the refrigerator or cupboards in a vain attempt to find the makings of a meal?

With me, a working mother of two toddlers, this was happening just about every day.

Regardless of how much time you have, or don’t have – this is a quest we all must face. Included are:

• Pantry Basics to make each meal suggestion work
• Breakfast
• Lunch
• Dinner
• I Just Can’t Cook Tonight Ideas
• Sides
• Desserts
• Party Time Tidbits
• Toddler Treats
• Family Fun Recipes

Each recipe includes a suggestion for music to download, or a television show to catch up with while you’re preparing your dish of choice!

No time to cook? Some suggestions for healthy “cheats” from your local takeout restaurants – to make a “to go” dinner feel more homemade.

So, what’s for dinner? The first 10 to answer this post - You get to decide!